How to Support Local Businesses during COVID-19

How to Support Local Businesses during COVID-19

Many businesses are closed due to the coronavirus, and employees and business owners are left wondering when they will be going back to work. During this time of social distancing or even mandated stay-at-home orders, here are some ways you can support your local beauty businesses.


Ask if they’re doing curbside service

Many beauty supply stores are offering curbside service – just like many grocery stores. You order the items either online or by phone, and they will prepare the items for you and deliver it to your car. Call ahead or check their website for information on curbside service.

Buy their merch and rep it!

If your favorite salon has merch (tote bags, t-shirts, etc) and you love their branding, why not purchase something? Even if they are currently closed, you can pre-pay and pick it up after all the madness is over. Then you can continue to show your support while toting your groceries, or... 

Buy their products online

Many beauty supply stores have an online store that you can shop from. You can choose your regular products to be shipped to your home and keep yourself and the store employees safe.

Salons that sell product may also have their inventory available online. Check their websites to see if you can have your favorite product shipped to your home while supporting a local business.

Purchase a gift card and save it for later

Salon closures might mean you can’t make it to your regular appointment – but if you know you’ll be back, you can’t go wrong with a gift card. You can also snag a gift card for a future birthday, anniversary, or gift exchange. It can help your local business with cash flow in uncertain times. 

Tip extra generously (if you can!)

This one is for the salons – your favorite hairdresser, nail tech, or lash artist relies on tips for a good portion of their salaries. Many salons have already closed temporarily, or will be closing soon, because of city or state orders. Giving an extra generous tip can help beauty industry professionals keep afloat during the time their salons may be closed.

Reach out directly

Many local businesses are also locally operated – which means the owner and employees could live in the same town or neighborhood as you do and are experiencing the same ups and downs that you may be experiencing. A quick phone call to let them know you’re thinking about them and will be making a visit soon can help lift their spirits.

Leave a good review and engage with them on social media

This is something you can do for the low, low price of free! Many small businesses rely on online reviews to gain new customers. Leaving a positive review on Yelp or Google can go a long way. It may take some time, but a detailed, positive review can go a long way to attracting customers to your favorite local business – now and in the future.

If you don’t have cash to spare, following a business’ Instagram or Facebook page is an easy way to support your favorite local business. Better yet, you can like, comment, or share their posts to help them engage with more people who might be interested in their products or services. Speaking of which – if you liked this post and want to hear more from us, you can give us a follow on Facebook or Instagram, or sign up for our email list. 

Stay safe and healthy!