How to throw a party in the great indoors

How to throw a party in the great indoors

Set the scene.

Share a playlist. Whether you stream the same Pandora radio or a Spotify playlist, you can all vibe to the same music. Better yet, make an attendee the designated sound mixer, and share the music while you hang out.

Mood Lighting. Everyone has a chance to set up their surrounding area. We suggest getting playful with the Christmas lights (that you just tucked away) or lighting some candles.

Dress up for the occasion.

Wear something new. A hoodie and leggings have never seen so much wear, but now is the time to get dressed up. If you’re anything like me, you have some fun springtime clothes you’ve been meaning to take out of storage. Why not change up your fashion? You can wear leggings again tomorrow.

Try a new look. Go bold - I mean, you don’t even need to step outside to get to this party. So try that new red lipstick that’s been sitting in your makeup bag or those lashes that you’ve been wanting to try. 

Sassi 3D Faux Mink #18

Sassi 3D Faux Mink #18

Pat McGrath MatteTrance Lipstick

Pat McGrath MatteTrance Lipstick

Let’s party!

Eat together. Who says you can’t eat the same food at the same time? As the host, circulate a couple of recipes for cocktail, dinner, and dessert. Make it prior to your video call, and everyone can eat the same foods and even talk about how fun it was to make! 

P.S. Make sure to be conscious of everyone’s available ingredients.

Wine Spritzer

Jjapaguri (Ramdon) from Parasite 

Jjapaguri (Ramdon)

Picture from Maangchi

4 Ways to Make Mug Cake

Chocolate Mug Cake

Picture from Tasty

What’s a party without games?

Rewatch Friends with friends. Use Netflix Party to stream the same movie or show together. It’s like a watch party, but at home online. 

Trivia Night with You Don’t Know Jack. Keep everyone guessing with pop culture triva questions coming as fast as they’re answered. Here’s a tutorial on how to play with friends virtually here

Feeling nostalgic for old school board games? You can play Monopoly and Scrabble online with friends too! 

Hope you enjoy your virtual party. Hang in there & stay safe!