Premium Sable MIX J curl 8mm~14mm

  • Brand: WORLD LASH (World Rush)
  • It is an eyelash extension of fine texture, soft, more natural lashes close to eyelashes.
  • The light feeling comfort and elastic curl that is so light that you forget to wear it is finished in a natural and elegant eye.  In addition, it adopts a tapering process which cuts the tip of the hair deeply.
  • It is familiar to self eyelash, it is a supple and light hair quality peculiar to Sable.
  • It is a natural curl with less curl and close to self eyelash.
■ Thickness: 0.1mm / 0.15mm / 0.18mm / 0.2mm
■ Length: 8mm ~ 14mm mix
■ Contents: 8mm × 1column · 9mm × 2columns · 10mm × 3columns ·

                   11mm × 3columns · 12mm × 3columns · 13mm × 2columns ·
                   14mm × 2columns 
※ number is There is no guarantee by the standard.